Why call a Gigolo for couples

Why would a couple call a gigolo for couples?

There are two main reasons why a couple should look for a professional male escort for women:
- Couple's problems in the bedroom
- Transgression and sexual fantasies

When a couple is in crisis, when sex is reduced to a simple weekly routine or even to do almost as a marital obligation, in all these cases a gigolo for couple is the best figure to choose.

He is an external and discreet person who will never undermine the male figure; his task is not to conquer the woman but to help the couple to rediscover and rekindle the dormant passion because of everyday life.

A good gigolo after listening carefully, will help the couple to create the best situation to rediscover.

If you are in Italy in our Rome you can call a Gigolo for women in Rome. And if you are in North Italy you can call a Gigolo in Venice or a Gigolo in Milan.

There are many transgressions that a couple can satisfy with a gigolo:
- voyeurism: when one partner gets off on watching the partner interact with another
As a straight gigolo for couples I am asked to relate to the woman while the partner watches
- open pair: it is not unusual for a couple to decide to have a threesome or with other couples.
Asking a couple of friends or complete strangers can complicate things or be dangerous for future requests.
- fake lover: it is not uncommon for a woman to want to have a relationship with another man while her partner watches or even participates actively in the games
- bdsm: games of domination in 3, seeing your woman dominated by another man is another fantasy rather recurrent

Calling a gigolo for couples like me can offer a couple professionalism, confidentiality and discretion.

Why call an italian gigolo for couples?

I have been working with couples for several years and I am willing to listen to any desire and fantasy.
I recommend contacting me via whatsapp or telegram so as to make arrangements for a telephone appointment to talk about your wishes and I will answer all your questions.

If you are a couple at your first time in a relationship of 3 do not hesitate to call me, I will be able to put you at ease and find with you the best solution to create the ideal atmosphere for our meeting.