Sex Toys and Gigolo for women

Sex toys and gigolo for women why not?

On the market there are hundreds of different types of sex toys for him, for her and for the couple.
They can be bought in total anonymity on the web and for this reason in recent years have had a real boom.

Sex toys are often demonized because they are considered for lonely people who struggle to have real relationships with other people or linked only to the world of BDSM.
In particular for this last category it is thought that they are objects for "depraved" with "wrong" sexual tastes: big mistake!

Sex toys can be fun aids to a couple’s sexual intercourse.
You can also buy them to spend pleasant moments alone that you should not be ashamed of.

Some toys are also useful objects to our health such as vaginal balls, which the woman can use to reinforce the pelvic floor.

They can be chosen together with their partner or it can be a spicy surprise for their own him or her.
Vibrators, masseurs, plugs, handcuffs, stimulators are all objects of pleasure to let go of our imagination and invent pleasant erotic games.

As a male escort for women I sometimes happen to use some toys at the request of the woman.
These always belong to the woman and are used by mutual agreement for stimulating games between the sheets.

A gigolo for couples often listens to the erotic fantasies of the couples or of the single woman and the sex toys are part of it as objects that stimulate and amplify the desire.

But it’s important to remember that a sex toy can never replace the touch of another person, The sensation of his hands touching his skin and lips kissing with transport but can be an extra fun to ignite the passion and inflame the atmosphere.