Oral Sex and Gigolo

Oral sex is often a taboo subject.
As an escort for women I listen to many stories of women whose partners are totally absent on this practice.

Sometimes it is the same woman who struggles to practice oral sex to her partner for shame or because she thinks he does not like and not know how to do.

At the root of this problem is almost always the lack of dialogue, a certain reluctance to talk about sexual topics with one’s partner.

Oral sex is a very pleasant practice if done in full respect of the other.
It is important to ask as much as to give but always with kindness and tranquility. Being relaxed is the most important thing to give and feel pleasure.

I am a serious and professional gigolo for women with me you will feel free to talk about any erotic fantasy.
A gigolo for transgressions like me is the right figure to explore the world of eros... your eros!
No taboos, an open and respectful dialogue will ensure an exciting meeting.

If instead you want to make your first experiences and look for an experienced and sensitive guy, I can accompany you with sweetness and passion to discover this exciting practice.
We’ll go at your own pace. You won’t have to be afraid to tell me your doubts and I’ll be happy to answer your questions to move on to practice when you feel ready.

Contact me for information and plan our passionate meeting via whatsapp or telegram.

Oral sex can be as much a foreplay as the end of sexual intercourse

The foreplay are fundamental importance to ignite the passion and for me an important stage of the meetings.
Oral sex can be considered the king of foreplay. You can get there calmly, after kisses, caresses and cuddles, when the atmosphere starts to overheat and you want to add pepper to the action.

If you love transgression and both agree you can end the sexual intercourse with cunnilingus for her and fellatio for him, both, if practiced with passion and desire, can lead to intense orgasms.