The first meeting

Meet an Italian gigolo is the best choice for a holiday in our beautiful country

More and more women turn to a male escort for women. A professional male escort for women will have the right qualities to talk, reassure and convince the woman of her choice without being insistent: the first step must always be her!

After contacting the male escort, having chosen it and making arrangements for the meeting often the woman begins to have the first doubts.
"Will he like me ?" "Will it be like in the photos?" "Is it the right choice?".

They are all legitimate doubts and in this case you can ask the companion to speak once again on the phone before the meeting to be reassured and to dissolve the last doubts and uncertainties.

If liked by both parties you can also exchange some messages in order to strengthen the relationship.
It is important that the initiative is always taken by the woman and that the italian male
companion is available to the right extent.

When there is the real meeting it is the gigolo’s job to make the woman comfortable from the first moments so that the first meeting can be done in the best way.

A professional male escort for women will be able to manage the meeting in the best way from the first seconds. Transmitting calm and tranquility, talking in a pleasant, quiet and witty way to put the woman at ease.

My advice is to be wary of the improvisations that promise seas and mountains and that leave no room to talk to the woman.

Meet italian gigolo

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