Male escort for Weddings

Before the pandemic a service that I was asked for and that I always carried out with great pleasure was the male escort for weddings; due to pandemic and prohibition of parties requests for this service have been decreasing.

Fortunately now we can meet again and have fun, I can again answer  to requests from women who ask me to be their male escort for events with joy.

Why call a male escort for weddings

Someone might ask why you should contact a perfect stranger to be accompanied to an event.
An experienced and professional male escort for women like me will be an impeccable companion.
I guarantee privacy and discretion. I can play the role you want: fake boyfriend, friend, co-worker.
After the wedding, we’ll have no further contact.

I’ve been doing this full-time for several years.
I am perfectly able to adapt to any situation: from the most informal birthday party to the most elegant wedding.
I speak 2 languages fluently and I am therefore able to accompany you also in international contexts.

My wardrobe is both elegant and sporty. Accessories and cars suitable for every occasion.

Are you invited to your friend’s wedding, but you’re the only single one?
Have you to go to a family wedding and everyone would like to see you in sweet company?

Contact me without fear with a message on whatsapp or via email, explain what you want and together we will agree to meet.

I can pick you up in the car outside the house before going to the wedding or if you prefer we can meet a few hours before the event to have a drink together and get to know each other better.

I work all over Italy and abroad. I can be an escort for women in Rome or an escort for women in Milan and reach you in Sicily or Sardinia for a wedding by the sea.

If the wedding takes place outside of Italy I can accompany you without problems. I always like to travel and I can come with you to Spain, I could be a male escort in Switzerland. Travel to the French Riviera or I can fly to the United States.