A male escort tells…

accompagnatore per matrimoni

Male escort for Weddings

Before the pandemic a service that I was asked for and that I always carried out with great pleasure was the male escort for weddings; …
gigolo a bergamo

A Gigolo in Bergamo

The funicular and a gigolo in Bergamo, there is no better combination for a romantic weekend. If you are from Bergamo or want to visit one …
gigolo regalo

Gigolo for women gift

A Gigolo for women gift is one of the classic services that a professional escort for women offers. It may seem a strange idea actually is …
massaggio con un gigolo

Erotic massage

Who has never had a massage? An erotic massage with a Gigolo is an experience that every woman should try. Massage has always been a refined …
gigolo ad aosta

Male escort in Courmayeur

A holiday in the mountains with a male escort Courmayeur  to visit one of the best region in northern Italy. Courmayeur, Mont Blanc and Fort Bard …
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