Male Escort and kiss

Male escort and kiss an indissoluble union.

The Kiss is the first of the foreplay, perhaps the most important but also a very intimate gesture.

There are many types of kisses: the chaste kiss between the mother and her child, the simple kiss "greeting" on the cheek, a kiss to the lips and the passionate kiss between two lovers.

Every kind of kiss wants to show affection and closeness between two people, with a kiss proves to your partner desire and intimacy.

In intimacy a kiss is essential. As a gigolo for women I consider it very important to kiss the woman I accompany, of course if she wants it.

A kiss is used to warm the atmosphere, to start a relationship in a soft way and, together with sweet caresses, can be the perfect foreplay to test the harmony between two people.

Even between the escort for women and the woman he meets, the kiss can create the right situation to start the best intimacy.
A sweet and slow kiss, close to the lips, can make you understand if there is a connection and if you can go further.
A kiss on the neck brings down some exciting chills down your back.

Finally a passionate kiss. The kiss between two lovers who desire with ardor.
A kiss that ignites the atmosphere, that raises the level of the relationship and acts as a prelude to a fiery night of passion.

Along with the kiss it is important to use your hands, caress and touch the body of your partner to convey passion and desire.

You can also start undressing your partner: every kiss a button, fingers touching the skin.
The hand that caresses the body: face, neck, arms every touch arouses different emotions.

And why not kiss the body? There are erogenous zones that send the partner to the seventh heaven.
A kiss on the neck to start, a kiss on the chest to ignite the passion until you go down in more exciting places.

Male escort and kisses can not be two separate things, every woman deserves kisses sweet and passionate by their escort.

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