Escort and loyalty tests

Loyalty tests are all those behaviors put in place by one of the two partners to test the "conjugal" fidelity of his/her partner.

A male escort for women is the perfect solution to play the role of the third wheel, the one who will test a partner.

You may think that asking a friend or co-worker, or even worse, an ex is the perfect and simple solution but unfortunately it is also the most dangerous.
There is a risk that difficult dynamics may be triggered.
You could delude the chosen person, the latter might want to contact us again and doing so would ruin friendships and create embarrassing situations at their workplace.

A male escort for women is a figure external to your family, to the circle of friends or work environment.

I have been doing this job for many years, I am a discreet and reliable escort for women and the privacy of the person who contacts me is in first place.

Usually there are two more than common situations that I manage:
- a men who want to tested his woman's loyalty
- Loyalty tests required by the woman to test whether there is still interest in her

When a man contacts me he asks me to try to seduce his partner.
Usually these are very soft meetings aimed at understanding whether the woman is really tied to her partner or is tempted by another man.

If the woman contacts me it is because she wants to test the jealousy of her partner.
Usually they are aperitifs, lunches or dinners that are held in places frequented by her partner.
The aim is to be seen in a pleasant companion to test the reaction.

Whatever the situation that will be presented to me I will be able to interpret the role with elegance and professionalism.
I can be a zealous work colleague, an old childhood friend or an italian guy who wants to approach a beautiful woman in a club.

Whatever your request, do not hesitate to write me via whatsapp or telegram for more privacy, I will listen to your need and together we will build the ideal situation to satisfy your desire.