Gigolo for couples

Italian gigolo for couples: transgression within a pair is often a sign of great harmony.

Sharing your partner with another man or watching your partner interact with a third person is a very common erotic desire among men.

Relying on a professional escort for couples can be the right solution.
It allows you to live your fantasy to the maximum without fear of interference in your couple.

Very often the imagination and the first approach start from the man even if with the passing of time more and more women want to try something new between the sheets to awaken the dormant passion or even to satisfy their fantasies.

Whether it is the man or the woman who wants a threesome it is always good to talk to the other partner first to make sure that there is at least a bit of interest in trying new experiences.

Why choose an italian gigolo for couples

The choice to contact gigolo for women is the best solution because a professional escort for couples will never interfere emotionally with the woman.
He does not enter into competition with the man indeed will accompany the couple to new erotic games.

One of the first steps is surely to choose the right professional escort for women who knows how to tease both the man and the woman.
He has the right approach towards a woman hesitant and knows how to encourage her without pressure and without hurry.

When all the parties have reached an agreement, the gigolo will be able to guide the first approaches to create the atmosphere suitable for the success of the meeting.
He possibly following the indications provided by one of the partners, aimed at satisfying specific fantasies.

It can therefore be concluded that choosing to contact gigolo for women and couples for a meeting of 3 is the best solution to satisfy your fantasies without "sentimental" dangers or interference in your relationship.

If you want to try new experiences or you are a couple who wants to try new transgressions, do not hesitate to contact me via whatsapp or telegram to arrange a telephone appointment.

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