Italian gigolo for bachelorette parties

Raise your hand if you’ve never been to a bachelorette (or bachelor) party!
An all-women party dedicated to the future bride who the next day will convolerà to the right wedding.
Usually a bachelorette party is a party organized by the bridesmaid or best friend of the bride.

There are games, food, alcohol and "inappropriate" gifts to use on your wedding night.
Some parties that can last a few hours, a whole day but there are also those who can organize whole weekends for women.

Some brides want fun but quiet parties, dedicated to relaxation and to themselves and it is in these cases that the figure of the Italian Gigolo for bachelorette parties comes into play.

I am a serious and professional Italian Gigolo for women, cheerful, sunny and fun.
I can accompany the bride in an elegant dinner, spend a day with her at the SPA between saunas and massages or accompany her on a trip so desired in Italy or abroad.

I will be the ideal, discreet and pleasant companion for a day of pure fun before the most important day of your life.

Sexy italian Gigolo for bachelorette parties

For the most daring brides, who want a more intriguing atmosphere, for the ladies with mischievous and witty friends I can turn into a sexy gigolo and inflame the evening.
Strippers, intriguing toys and sex toys as gifts, can overheat the evening and give me the opportunity to play together with the future bride and her friends.

If you have a specific idea in mind, if you prefer a surprise or if you want me to help you organize the most beautiful bachelorette parties do not hesitate to contact me and I will be ready to fulfill any wish!

Write me a message on whatsapp or telegram to tell me what you want...

I move all over Italy but if the bachelorette party of your dreams is abroad or if your friends have organized a trip abroad I can accompany you everywhere. I will be your perfect company, discreet, sexy and fun.