The importance of foreplay

What is the importance of foreplay in sex?

I would venture to say that they are fundamental to a successful intimate relationship.

Facing sex without first having done some good foreplay is a bit like running without getting warmed up for good.
It can be good, as well as very bad.

If the absence, or almost absence, of foreplay is a habit, then sex can become boring and even unsatisfactory.

Foreplay means all those soft sexual practices that are a prelude to the actual sexual act.
They play a fundamental role in the sexual act as they ignite the passion, they cause those exciting shivers along the back.

If carefully made they allow you to understand what pleases and what makes your partner hot.
They also make it clear what can be less pleasant, or annoying, even these important elements to better deal with sex.

Foreplay isn’t just what you can do in the bedroom in the bed.

Caresses, kisses and soft cuddles can also be exchanged at the restaurant or in the car and if they touch the right points will be a great start.

A hand grazed at dinner, an arm around the hips and a hand that gently caresses while walking.
A chaste kiss on the neck and a sweet cuddle in the car to be a prelude to the most natural act between two people.

No gesture is wrong if it is pleasing to the partner and if it is done with great discretion in public.

When you are in the bedroom you can give vent to our imagination and move to foreplay harder.
Hands that strip and touch the naked skin, a passionate and decisive kiss, the lips that lean on the nipples and the tongue that goes down to the navel.

And finally to the "king" of foreplay: oral sex. Practiced with care and attention can bring in ecstasy your partner and ignite the atmosphere.

If you like them you can also use sex toys, as I described in this article about gigolo and sex toys, to give a spicy touch to the relationship.

As an escort for women I dedicate a lot of time to the foreplay that I consider indispensable.

If you are a woman in search of emotions that you no longer feel for a long time or a couple who want to rekindle passion in the bedroom, contact me without fear on whatsapp or telegram and together we will discover again the importance of foreplay.