How to choose the right gigolo for women

In the various web site for male escorts for women there are hundreds of ads of gigolo, boys and men who offer their company for a fee to women who want it.

How to choose the gigolo for women?

For a woman it is difficult to unravel in this jungle, the ads show beautiful photos depicting athletic physicists and bewitching eyes, the texts have a list of the services offered and describe the peculiar characteristics of the gigolo;
How can a woman understand if what she read corresponds to truth? How can she be sure that she will actually meet the man of the announcement?

The first step is to choose wisely, without being attracted only by the beautiful body, a straight male escort must have many other qualities.
The photos must be a mix of professional and amateur shots but still pleasant, never vulgar even those naked.
Showing up in both sporty and elegant clothes demonstrates the ability to fall into whatever role the woman requires.

The words of the announcement should be simple but intriguing, without false promises.
Elegance not only in clothing but in the ways and approach with the woman.

It’s important to make a phone call, the tone of voice can help create the right feeling with the woman.
It is just as important that she understand if the chosen gigolo listens to her with interest and is attentive to her requests.

In conclusion to choose the right gigolo for women it is essential not to stop at appearances but try to understand from the first telephone approach or by message if the chosen companion is the right one for your needs.

Choose the gigolo for couples

Even a couple must pay attention to choosing the right gigolo for their fantasies.
If it is true that in these cases the physical attraction is the master, a good gigolo for couple is the one who knows how to put at ease both the woman and the man. Both partners must feel safe and trust in the professionalism and discretion of the chosen companion.
The advice is always to feel first on the phone in pairs or separately so that each of the partners can ask their questions and dispel any doubts.

With the right approach from the beginning it will be possible to create that atmosphere of complicity and eros indispensable for a fully satisfactory meeting.