A gigolo for jealous can be the professional figure in some particular circumstances.
When you want to test your partner because you have doubts about his loyalty

You are a married woman for some years, engaged for some time or at the beginning of a new love story but you have doubts about your partner?
You think I don’t want you enough or love you like I used to?

A gigolo for women and couples is the right solution

We can agree on jealousy tactics, exact location and time to be seen by your partner, you tell me how far to go.
In this way you will find out if your he wants you as it used to be, if he still cares about you or if it’s time to move on.

Often you just have to be seen together with another man, a single caress and your partner might understand that he is neglecting you, that you are looking elsewhere for what he does not give you more.

Within the couple it is normal to have moments of fogging, the period when you are "tired" of the daily routine that can lead to a lack of attention to your woman.

Often work or daily stress can affect the attentions that partners devote themselves to.

If you call a professional escort for women and couples like me, I could stir something up in your partner and rekindle the dead spark.

Send me a message with the utmost discretion via telegram or whatsapp and we will agree to find the best time to talk together.

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