Male escort in Verona

A Gigolo in Verona for a weekend of romance and art in Italy.

Verona, one of the most romantic cities in Italy: why not visit it with me, the authentic Gigolo Romeo?
We will relive together the epic adventures of the famous Shakespearean lovers Romeo and Juliet.

Verona is also called the "Porta d'Italia" because it opens a door to the wonders of our country to tourists arriving from northern Europe.

What to do in Verona with a Gigolo?

One of the milestones of excellence worth making is a visit to the Arena di Verona.
Splendid open-air theatre, the most famous Italian and foreign classical operas are celebrated here.
I love the theater and I will be happy to accompany you to an evening at the opera. Elegance and professionalism will be at your service for a fascinating evening.

The house of Romeo and Juliet, or rather the Capulets, and the famous balcony are a destination not to be missed.
Not only for the famous tragedy of Shakespeare but also for the historical and architectural importance that covers the building.
I’m always fascinated by the architecture of my country.

If you want to have lunch with me we could go to Piazza delle Erbe and stop in one of the restaurants overlooking the magnificent square.
Tasting the local specialties, we will deepen our mutual knowledge. I like to listen and I am an excellent speaker.

After the visit to Verona, why not go to Lake Garda? It’s the largest lake in Italy, one of my favorite places.
With a Gigolo on Lake Garda you can walk and enjoy a magnificent and romantic view, especially at sunset.

And if you want to spend the night with me, we will choose together a hotel with lake view and infinity pool.
Everything will be perfect and passionate, if you wish.

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Gigolo for couples in Verona

Are you a couple on holiday in Verona who want to rekindle the spark between the sheets?
You want to try a new transgression, but you’re afraid to ask a friend?

The best solution is to contact a gigolo for couples like me. I have been working for many years with couples even at their first experience.
I will be happy to listen to your requests, answer your questions and together we will build the best situation to put everyone at ease and make the meeting unforgettable.