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I am Romeo gigolo for women, professional straight male escort for women, willing to travel throughout Italy and abroad. I’m an optimistic, passionate, sunny, sensitive guy.

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A bit of history: who is a gigolo for women?

Gigolo: Young man who takes advantage of his good looks living behind women, spec. older than him
(Web source)

This outdated definition no longer reflects the figure of the modern escort for women.

Gigolo have existed since ancient times and accompanied the aristocratic woman to important events in the European courts and beyond. Very often they become carnal lovers of the lady and were paid for their services.

In past years this figure has been mistreated and relegated to the corners of society, considered immoral, profiteering rich women, often confused with the "street prostitute" who in reality has almost only male or transsexual customers.
Sometimes it has also been wrongly considered the cause of a couple’s divorce.

In modern times a male escort for women has become a real profession and as such certain requirements are necessary to emerge on the market: it is not a job for everyone.

How a Gigolo for Women must be

A good look and a few nice words are not enough to fascinate a woman and convince her to pay for a meeting.
A gigolo for women must be cultured, elegant, refined, educated, with a well-groomed physical form.

The clothing covers another very important part, a professional gigolo for women must have a clothing suitable for every circumstance: elegant, informal, sporty, casual.
Everything is always tidy and if possible the elegant clothing made to measure; it is also important to pay attention to accessories such as shoes, watches, bracelets, necklaces, scarves and cufflinks.

Women who turn to a male escort are financially independent, know what they want and demand the best for themselves so they are not content.

In these years I realized that women want a gigolò who knows how to present himself well at events and ceremonies, who is equipped with refined ways and makes them feel loved and pampered for the duration of the meeting.
As a professional male escort for women I guarantee maximum reliability and reliability and a high level of service.

My services as Male Escort for women

As a professional gigolo escort for women I can cover many roles, these are just some of the services I offer, contact me without fear to illustrate your wishes:

- Male escort for women for events and ceremonies
- Male Companion for women for business lunches, dinners and meetings
- gigolo for women for romantic evenings
- gigolo for first experiences
- male escort for sexual fantasies
- erotic massages

- escort for couples
- gigolo for bachelorette parties
- gigolo for jealousy and loyalty tests
- personal trainer
- personal shopper

Romeo Gigolò




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