Gigolo for women gift

A Gigolo for women gift is one of the classic services that a professional escort for women offers.
It may seem a strange idea actually is very original, unusual but always pleasing to the recipient.
A fun and unusual thought that adds a hint of eroticism and sensuality to a private event.

You can contact me privately via whatsapp or telegram, if you prefer more privacy, to explain your idea and together we will create the perfect gift for those who want.

Gigolo's services for women Gift

§ Bachelorette parties

It’s the most classic event I’ve ever been called to.
A friend gets married and what could be better than giving her a striptease performed by a professional?
Often you don’t want to go to stripper clubs and mingle with other people to see a show, renting an entire room in the club can be very expensive.

Choosing a italian gigolo for women like me, you just have to choose a hotel room and contact me.
A message via whatsapp is always welcome to let me know broadly what you want and then we can decide the details of the event by phone.
I guarantee maximum discretion and professionalism.

§ Gift for your male partner

If one of your partner’s erotic fantasies is a threesome where you interact with another man, giving a gigolo for couples is the perfect solution to satisfy it.
A holiday like his birthday can be an ideal occasion.
With a professional gigolo like me, your man will have nothing to fear: I always guarantee the utmost discretion and finished the work will disappear from your lives.
No risk of future contacts or requests as could happen with a friend even if trusted.

I’d like to point out that as a straight escort, I only interact with the woman.

§ Gift for your lady

Have you and your partner often talked about playing in 3? Do you want a professional figure that makes you have fun but at the same time does not affect in any way in your daily life?
Contact me without fear. I am a gigolo for women and couples for many years.
I can discreetly accompany you in your first experience and fulfill the wishes of your lady.
I can be the perfect gift for her birthday or International Women’s Day.
Write me an email and together we will arrange a telephone appointment to talk about your doubts and desires and create the perfect atmosphere for our meeting.

§ Escape evening

Everybody have "no" moments in our lives.
A love story gone wrong, a grief, a work problem or family disagreements can make us want a moment of our own, to relax and unwind.
In these moments giving yourself a carefree evening with a paid man can be a good way to escape.
No posthumous implications, just you and me on the night you want: romantic or transgressive, dinner or a day at the SPA, sea or mountain. And if you want the ultimate in relaxation, treat a relaxing and sensual message with me!
Wherever and whenever you want, I will be at your disposal to listen to you and spend pleasant moments together.

I am a cheerful and optimistic guy and I am the perfect gift for that friend you want to cheer up. With me will spend a fun and cheerful evening.