Gigolo for women Como

It is one of the city of Lombardy and is located in the well-known region of lakes, a natural site of great tourist attraction for its beautiful landscapes.

Every time I go to Como and I stop to admire the city and the lake I am amazed by its beauty for this reason I can be a gigolo for women Como ideal to show you the beauty of this city.

We can meet in the city center in one of the many famous places for brunch and talk so as to get to know each other better and if you like to admire historic buildings we could walk through the streets of Como to the famous Duomo and then stop for lunch in one of the many restaurants of area or take the funicular to admire the city from above.

An evening with a Gigolo on Lake of Como

At sunset we will move to the shores of Lake Como and walk along the lakeside to admire the sun that sets and reflects on the calm waters of the lake, creating a charming and romantic atmosphere.

An excellent dinner by the lake will bring to an end a day spent between chatter, history and walks.
If you wish we could spend the night together in one of the many hotels overlooking the lake to wake up in the morning with a unique view of the world that will show us the lake in the early hours of the morning.

Gigolo for couples a Como

Como couples can rely on a gigolo for couples as discreet and passionate as me to spend an evening or a night of pleasure and transgression.
They can be contacted on whatsapp and telegram to make a telephone appointment and talk about the wishes of both and agree to see us where they want at the hotel or at their home.
As a male escort for women I travel throughout Italy at reasonable notice.

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