Transgression is inherent in the human soul.
Even the most shy, moribund and seemingly quiet people dream transgressive situations, where it is at the center of particular erotic games.

Often we suffocate this side of ourselves because we are not well looked at by the social environment in which we live. We are frightened by the idea that someone judges us for our fantasies.

I met many women who told me their deepest desires, their deepest fantasies.
Women who felt rejected by their partners for expressing desires considered "wrong", too "hard" for the right-thinking man.

A gigolo for transgression is the right solutions!

Why call a gigolo for women for their transgressions?

A professional gigolo for transgression like me can offer you a high level, discreet and classy service and will listen to you without judging you.
I will accompany you in your imagination, we will build together the situation you have always wanted, I will be equal to whatever role you want me to play.

There will be no limits, there will be no judgments, there will be no shame.
Your wishes are legitimate and normal and only those who have been doing this work for years can guarantee you a meeting in full respect of your person.

I can play a fictional character, I can be your professor, your neighbor, your office partner.

I can create a special situation just for you from your erotic story.
And if your fantasy also involves your partner we will all talk about it together with a telephone appointment and I will know how to be a discreet and professional actor to realize every game you want.

With an escort for women like me you will be free to talk, we will create a special and unique understanding and finally you will become the protagonist of that erotic dream that you have always done but never had the courage to realize.

Contact me via whatsapp or if you prefer more privacy via telegram, tell me your transgression and I will become your forbidden dream.

I demand and guarantee maximum respect and professionalism.