A Gigolo gift: the ideal professional for your events and parties.

Your best friend is getting married and you want to throw her a bachelorette party that she can’t forget.
You want it to be a fun and cheerful party but you’d also like to give her a touch of transgression.

A birthday party different from usual, full of good food, laughter and the good company of a man who knows how to entertain you and your friends with elegance and professionalism.

A classy and professional gigolo for women is the best solution because I will be able to give the party that provocative touch without ever being vulgar.

What if it was your birthday party? Why not suggest to your friends to organize a different party than usual!
An elegant dinner with a handsome man to court you or a striptease for moments of transgression.

What can I do for you as a gigolo gift

Contact me without fear and tell me how you imagine your friend’s party, what you’re planning for her and who you’d like me to impersonate.

I will be a discreet and reliable male escort for women, I will be the soul of the party and entertain your guests with professionalism, elegance and a pinch of transgression.

I will be a Gigolo gift perfect to animate the event you want.

Write me on whtsapp or telegram to make a telephone appointment to talk about the party you are planning and together we will find the perfect solution to animate it.

Romeo Gigolò



Contact me via whatsapp o telegram e tell me your fantasy