Gigolo for lesbians

It may seem strange that a lesbian or a couple of women decide to call a gigolo for women.
Actually, there are more motivations that can lead to this choice.

Often a single homosexual woman before having relationships with other women, has been with men and may then return the desire to try a relationship with men again.

There is always a bit of embarrassment in admitting this desire so looking for a man for occasional meetings or asking a friend can be embarrassing.
But it’s an absolutely normal and understandable desire.

In other cases they are women who have never had relationships with men and are curious to explore this side of their sexuality.
Even in these cases it is difficult to deal with people you know or men you know in chat.

Contacting a male escort for women, a gigolo for lesbians, like me, can be the best solution in both cases.
There will never be any judgment from me.
We can meet for a lunch or dinner in which we will talk about desires and doubts; I am always happy to listen to the woman I accompany and build with her the best meeting for her satisfaction.

A couple of women often contact a gigolo for lesbians for pure transgression.

An evening out of the box and the usual routine to rekindle the passion and try something new.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to see your partner engage with a man.
A gigolo for women is perfect because it will never be part of the relationship, it will never be a "danger" for the couple of women who can thus live their fantasies in total tranquility.

It is possible to contact me by message via whatsapp or telegram to arrange an appointment.

I am available for transfers throughout Italy and abroad will join you at your home or in a hotel where you feel more at ease.