Jealous tactics

It can happen that within a couple one of the two partners has doubts about fidelity or feels neglected by the other.
People still love each other but it can happen that they take their partner for granted, thus triggering a spiral of repressed discontent.

It is therefore quite common for a gigolo for jealous tactics to be contacted to test the own partner.
The requests are of various nature.

I can be contacted by a woman who wishes to show her partner that she is still attractive.
In these cases the woman calls me to ask for a simple date, which is often done in a location where there is also her partner.
The goal is to be in pleasant company to attract his attention and observe his reaction.

Other times it is the man who asks me to try to seduce his partner to try to understand if she still shows interest in him or if she is ready to move on at the first opportunity.

You might think that an old friend or an ex might be the right solution but so you risk triggering dangerous mechanics.
You could send wrong messages to the third wheel and compromise a friendship or your own relationship.

In these cases the choice of a professional gigolo escort for women is the best way to undertake.

As a gigolo for jealous tactics I will stick strictly to what was agreed, I will never go beyond what was planned and finished the work I will disappear.

I am a professional male escort for women and offer a high level service based on discretion and privacy.
There will never be any contact from me once the task has been completed.

I can be contacted by email, whatsapp or if you prefer more privacy via telegram.
We’ll arrange a phone appointment so you can explain to me what you want and we’ll find the best solution together.

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