Gigolo for first experiences

One of the most delicate tasks that a professional male escort for women can face are the first experiences of a client.

More and more often, women at their first sexual experiences or still virgins turn to a male escort to face their first time or to have advice on the approach to sex.
Many women find it easier to talk to a gigolo for first experiences about such delicate topics.

A professional male escort is the ideal figure.
He is outside the family circle and friends and as male companion for women guarantees privacy and discretion.

When a woman decides to call a male escort to take her first steps in the sexual field, she should choose a professional who has worked for years in this field.

He will be able to address the subject with tact and delicacy, without forcing, leaving the woman all the time to decide how and when.

The meeting will have to be organized in a place that makes the woman feel at ease, that guarantees the maximum of confidentiality possible.

It will be important to listen to the woman with attention and interest.
Leaving her free to express her fears and insecurities.

Every touch, every word of the male escort must be carefully calibrated.

My advice to all women who are in this situation and wish to deal with a first sexual experience with a male escort for women and to ponder the choice well.
Talk to the chosen professional to make sure it is such, in order to avoid unpleasant encounters.

Contact a gigolo for first experiences like me via whatsapp o telegram. Tell me your desire and together we will build the perfect situation for you.