Gigolo’s Dress Code

Is there a Gigolo dress code?

Dress code is a set of rules written and not that you need to stick to when you go to some places.

For a professional male escort for women, clothing plays a fundamental role in meetings.
My wardrobe fits perfectly whatever circumstances the woman I’m accompanying.

An escort for women who does not take care of their clothing or does not pay attention to their clothing by adapting it to the type of meeting, could make a bad impression despite being a professional.

My outfit can be elegant but not too formal for romantic dinners. If the woman needs company for a gala I can dress in a suit and tie.

When the meeting starts with a lunch I can be more informal but never banal and if the woman wants I can dress adapting to her specific requests.

Even for transgressive encounters it is necessary to have the right clothing to tease the fantasy of the woman or the couple with intriguing role-playing games.

Sometimes we see each other for weekends full of sport: trekking, tennis, horseback riding...
In these cases my clothing will be sporty and suitable for the occasion.
Clearly on these occasions it is my duty to have a suitable clothing for the evening.

In conclusion to answer the question "There is a gigolo dress code"?

The answer is yes, and the rule is one: professionalism!
Whatever the circumstances, clothing is essential, it must always be clean, tidy and suitable for the occasion.

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