A Gigolo at the theatre

A gigolo at the theater to spend an unforgettable evening.

I love the theatre with its opera and classical music by famous Italian and international composers.
And the ballet? Admiring the graceful bodies of male and famale dancers is an experience to do at least once.

Taking a woman to the theater is one of my favorite tasks.
The atmosphere in the foyer of the theatre before the performance is unique.

I like to admire the woman I accompany, to observe their elegant and sparkling clothes that bind their bodies.
I often dwell on the makeup that beautifies their faces and emphasizes eyes that shine to the reflection of the lights of the theater.

On important occasions like these, the dress code of an escort for women is essential.
Personally I will always have an impeccable dress and an elegant posture suitable for the occasion.

If you are a lonely woman who wants to spend an unforgettable evening, a gigolo at the theater is the perfect choice.
I’ll be your gentleman in suit, elegant, discreet and high-class.

I have been a professional male escort for women for many years and I can be the perfect companion even when you have guests or friends you want to spend the evening with.

And after the theater?

After the evening at the theater, I will be happy to dine with you in an elegant restaurant and if you want to spend the night together, I will be a passionate and romantic italian male escort or if you prefer it will be a night of transgression.

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