Gigolo and role play

Calling a gigolo for fun and exciting role-playing games can be a truly intriguing experience.

A role-playing game is a game where two or more people assume the role of imaginary characters to give life to imaginative events.

As a gigolo for women I listen to the erotic fantasies of many women.
It’s very common for me to be asked to play a role to unleash these fantasies.

I can be any character I’m asked to be: from the "simple" boyfriend, to the occasional lover, from the office colleague to the university professor.

Often women are ashamed of having these fantasies, they struggle to talk about it with their partner or friends in order not to feel judged.

A professional gigolo for women never judges, indeed one of his tasks is to welcome the stories of women and make the best of their fantasy and the game so desired.

It is always a pleasure for me to be able to satisfy this type of request, the role-playing games between the sheets are always intriguing and engaging.
I like to listen, advise and create the best situation so as to bring the woman to feel comfortable and have fun.

Call a gigolo for women Venice or a gigolo for women Turin for unique and fun evenings.
I am available throughout Italy as gigolo and role play.

Gigolo and role play for couples

Role-playing games in the bedroom in a couple are very important, keep the flame of passion alive, stimulate desire and help to break the monotony.
With a gigolo for couple these games can be even more engaging and fun.

I have a lot of experience with couples, I listen carefully to the desires of the partners and their fears and together with both we create the ideal context to start the imagination and fully satisfy the request.

Often when I talk to the woman or the couple I am asked to use sex toys.
Sex toys can be a useful and fun way to achieve the goal: a blindfold on the eyes and a pair of handcuffs light up the imagination and stimulate complicity among the participants in the games.