Erotic massage

Who has never had a massage? An erotic massage with a Gigolo is an experience that every woman should try.

Massage has always been a refined art that causes an immediate pleasure in those who receive it.
Even a simple hand massage can give you a pleasant sensation.

There are various types of massage:
- energising massage
for those who wish to restore strength to their body and spirit.
A revitalizing massage can give new sprint to your day and help you to face the evening

- relaxing massage
a kind, sweet message with aromatic candles and fragrant oils.
A relaxing massage is the best way to end a stressful working day.

- erotic massage
a message with soft lights, background music and a delicate and natural oil.
An erotic message is the perfect foreplay. Slowly and gently you will slip into a new sensual and erotic world where your whole body will vibrate with pleasure.

Massage is one of the services I offer as a male escort for women.

It’s a great way to break the ice and get familiar with each other’s bodies.

Imagine soft background music and, if you like, scented candles. Warm Oil on strong and well-groomed hands that caress your body with sweetness.
Without haste and respecting to the maximum your times and your desires I will be able to make you relax.

A whispered dialogue can be a pleasant accompaniment to this relaxing ritual. When and how we move forward together, it’s my job to make you feel at your best and at your ease in my expert hands.

If you wish, and only when you feel ready, the massage will become the prelude to engaging foreplay and intriguing games between the sheets and it will turn into erotic massage to give you a pleasure never felt.

If you also want to spend an afternoon of total relaxation, if you want to take some time just for yourself enjoying a
message and my company do not hesitate to contact me.
Send me a message on whatsapp or telegram to illustrate your wish and together we will achieve it.

I am also available for erotic massages to the woman of a couple.
A sensual and relaxing massage can be of great help if you are a couple at your first experience with a gigolo for couples.
Seeing your partner gently caressed, without haste by another man can turn on the fantasy of the other partner and help the woman to relax, preparing everyone for a warm threesome.