Contacting a Gigolo

Contacting a gigolo for women can be technically very "easy":
you send a message on whatsapp or telegram if you want more privacy or you try to make a phone call.

After the ritual presentations, usually the woman explains the reason for the call:
desires, expectations, fears and fears if it is a first contact.

The hardest part is definitely finding the courage to take the first step and press the keys to send a message or make the call.
We know that it is not an easy decision to make. there are many profiles and when you find the italian male escort who seems the right one begin the first fears. I will be up to the task, I will like, what we will talk about, if I will be judged by my sexual desires or inclinations.

It is good to remember that a good gigolo for women never judges a woman, listens carefully, advises if required and above all must know how to put her at ease, almost caressing her with his  voice.

My advice is to contact a gigolo for women without apprehension and if it does not seem to pay due attention, if you do not create a feeling, better think before setting up a meeting.

It’s essential that the woman feels good from the first words and this is one of the qualities of a male escort that you can not learn.

Contact me without hesitation for any information or doubt and I will be happy to talk to you. I will be able to put you at ease and find the best way to make you feel good.

For a couple it can be easier to contact a serious and discreet gigolo for couples.

Usually the choice is made by the woman in a straight couple or by both partners if they are lesbian couples or friends.
A couple is looking for a gigolo to satisfy their fantasies, it poses fewer questions but that does not mean that it is easier to win their trust.
It is good to clarify from the beginning what the roles will be especially in a straight couple, where one of the two partners might not feel very comfortable to insert a third figure.

In any case, contacting a gigolo per couple can be an intriguing solution to rekindle the passion in a couple or for a night of transgression.

Contact a gigolo for women Rome if you live in the capital. For those who live in Piedmont a Gigolo for women Turin is the best choice.
For couples a gigolo for women Bologna can be the best solution for having fun.