A Gigolo in Bergamo

The funicular and a gigolo in Bergamo, there is no better combination for a romantic weekend.

If you are from Bergamo or want to visit one of the most beautiful cities in northern Italy, you can call me and I will be happy to accompany you.
I can pick you up wherever you want and we can make the trip together to get to know each other.

I am an escort for women for many years, I like to talk and I am a great listener, we will spend pleasant moments together.

With a Gigolo in Bergamo like me we will start to visit the Lower Town, we will take the funicular and we will get lost watching the spectacle of our Alps.
If you wish we could also take a walk in the mountains, one of my great passions.

Once in the Upper Town we will immediately head to Piazza Vecchia, one of the most beautiful squares in Italy.
Here we will take a long walk to chat and a quiet brunch in one of the many bars overlooking the square.
If you do not fear the height can not miss a visit to the Campanone, or rather the Civic Tower high well 53 mt.
From there you can enjoy a unique panorama.

An evening in Bergamo

We will spend a romantic evening in one of the clubs that overlook the other square of Bergamo: Piazza Duomo.
Heart of the city and meeting point of Bergamo evenings.
A dinner with a gigolo for women is the best way to end the day and dedicate to us a moment of relaxation.
I love to chat and cuddle the woman who is with me in front of great food and candlelight.

Gigolo for couples in Bergamo

Are you a couple from Bergamo and do you want an evening out of the usual routine? Would you like to reinvigorate your relationship between the sheets?  Contact me and together we will arrange the perfect meeting for your needs.
I am a gigolo for couples for many years and I like to help a couple find their harmony or satisfy spicy fantasies.

Contact me by message on whatsapp or telegram to make an appointment by phone and talk about your wishes.